4 New Additions to Facebook Ads You Need To Know


Facebook advertising is a changing game. With the demise of organic posts, brands have to become more strategic with their paid media. While we know Facebook is out to get as much [tippy title=”$$$$$$”]

[/tippy] from brands as possible, they are introducing some *fingers-crossed* game-changing improvements. Lets break down these new additions in the Facebook advertising world.

1. Video Ads

For almost a year, Facebook has been testing a new form of videos through the News Feed. Videos will automatically begin playing as you scroll through, but sound will only play after tapping on the video.

Through testing, Facebook has seen more than a 10% increase in engagement. Woah. 10%? With news feeds getting clogged, and posts skimmed over, the new video feature has me saying “Sign me up!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 9.39.21 AM

What’s the catch? The premium video ads are only offered with a select group of advertisers. Facebook is rolling out this feature very slowly and methodically to insure the best user experience. Premium video ads may be on the back burner right now for Average Joe advertisers (aka anyone who isn’t Summit Entertainment) but the video ads have shown promise so be on the lookout for the expansion of advertisers.

2. Save

You’re scrolling through the News Feed and see a video or article that intrigues you but you can’t read/watch/listen when you see it. Bummer. Before Save was launched, you would have to revisit your News Feed later in hopes you could navigate back to the link (usually looking for a needle in a haystack). Now, thanks to Save, you can now bookmark content for later and access it from any device.

What does this mean for advertisers? Lets say for example Freddy is scrolling through his News Feed at work and sees an ad for your product. He can save it, revisits it later and make a purchase. Cha-ching – new customer.

Downside – Advertisers will not be able to specifically target users that save their ads nor be given the number of users who saved an ad.

Upside – Users will be reminded of saved content to give the saved links a boost and avoid being forgotten.


3. Buy Button

Facebook is testing a new call to action button for advertisers. Some of the current call to action buttons include Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, Download.

The newest call to action button, Buy, enables users to buy directly within Facebook in hopes to not scare off users who are resistant to leave Facebook.

This feature is still in beta-mode and only available to a short list of big advertisers. Based on feedback, Facebook hopes to expand to all advertisers.

Currently, Facebook is not charging for this feature but it said “it was not disqualifying that option” in the future.

4. Ad Manager

Facebook recently launched Ads Manager for mobile devices. HOLD THE PHONE. No. Seriously. Hold your phone and be able to optimize every campaign.

Anyone who has ever tried to access the desktop version of Ad Manager on their phone is singing a [tippy title=”hallelujah”]

[/tippy] with me.


Advertisers will now have the capability to pause or resume campaigns, edit budgets and schedules, view insights and respond to alerts within the Ad Manager mobile.

Now all we need is OmniTarget to roll-out a mobile app to optimize on to go.

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