Facebook’s New Ad Unit is Going To Change The Game

An Overview of Facebook’s New Canvas Ads


facebook canvas


Facebook is always finding new and innovative ways to enhance the ads and the usability of their site. Cue ‘Canvas’, a mobile experience to help businesses drive whatever objective they want to drive – sales, brand awareness, etc. Read below to find out more about this new venture and what it means for the consumer.

Facebook Ads

Facebook changed the way their ads were viewed on the mobile app last year by implementing the “carousel” approach. This is the slideshow-type of ad you see underneath an advertiser’s page. By implementing this method of ad viewing, the user is able to see more than one item at a time. Although this has been an improvement from the previous way ads were viewed on Facebook, users are still noting slow load times. In an era when time is everything, if an ad takes a few seconds longer to load than it should, users are more likely to forget about it and lose interest. Loss in interest equals loss in revenue.

How is Facebook Fixing This?

Canvas is being used to help enhance the mobile usability of Facebook and the ads. Consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile phones and companies have taken note of this. Canvas is connecting brands to consumers in a seamless chain of events. When users click on an ad, a full-screen, ready-to-browse page will appear in seconds. This page isn’t the brand’s website, but instead a “middle-man”. This middle page gives the user the ability to quickly browse before going to the actual brand’s website to purchase a product.

Not Just Shopping

Canvas isn’t going to be implemented solely for shopping purposes. This “canvas” (get the name now?) will give companies a chance to control what consumers see, whether it’s with pictures or movies. Promotions will range from new movies coming to theaters to a story about how a company started. It will also help bring pictures to life. On your mobile device, you’ll now be able to tilt your phone to view panoramic pictures, and zoom in to view images with greater detail. Canvas is going to change the way photos and images are viewed and help enhance storytelling.

Overall, in it’s simplest version, Canvas is a way for businesses to create better content. Videos and photos will appear and play up to 10x faster than the system currently in place today. Many companies have already jumped on the Canvas-wagon and include, but are not limited to, Target, Macy’s, and BMW. These brands have realized the importance of ad placement and usability in general, but more importantly on Facebook. Instead of just being a site to connect people all over the world, it’s now a way to connect brands to consumers all over the world.

Canvas will do many things for Facebook and its users but the most important is creating a much smoother integration between the consumers and advertisements, helping to drive revenue for both parties involved.

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