Snapchat Adds New Shopping Capabilities to Expand Revenue Possibilities


Snapchat is already incredibly popular among people of all ages. It allows people to share photos, have conversations, and socialize in a way that has never really been seen before. Brian Sugar, the CEO of PopSugar, thinks that he has opened the virtual door to commerce on Snapchat and opened up the opportunity to make money via the app.

The Snapchat Companion

Sugar’s idea didn’t involve changing Snapchat or asking the Snapchat developers to change their incredibly successful application. Rather, he developed a companion e-commerce application called Emoticode. At the core of Emoticode is the ability to tap into the one core function that makes Snapchat a social experience – the screenshot. Essentially, it allows people to put links to products directly in their Snapchat stories, allowing fans to screenshot them and save them for later.

How It’s Being Used

PopSugar is, of course, the first brand to make use of the Emoticode app, specifically through ShopStyle, its very own shopping platform for bloggers for some of the world’s biggest industries, including fashion, beauty, and retail in general. PopSugar is also using Emoticodes in its own Snapchat stories involving partner brands that include Sephora, Nordstrom, and Uniqlo. Sugar claimed that people really wanted to be able to take action directly from the Snaps they saw, but were unable to do so. This limited Snapchat’s marketing capability to paid advertisements. However, thanks to Emoticode, all of that has changed.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The best part, Sugar says, is that the possibilities don’t end with only marketing products and services. Just about any industry can get some important use out of the Emoticode app. It works well for shopping, but it will also work for everything else that consumers can imagine. Consumers can use Emoticodes to save workouts, recipes, blog posts, articles, references – absolutely anything. It drives engagement far beyond a Snap or a post on Instagram, and when companies give valuable information regularly, consumers are more likely to choose them over their competitors.

How It Works

The Influencer community can turn any URL that links to a webpage, article, or product into an Emoticode, or a shortened URL with emojis for the first two characters. Then, these influencers just copy the code into their Snapchat stories. For the consumers, as they take screenshots of the stories displaying Emoticodes, that screenshot goes to a hub inside either the Emoticode or ShopStyle app. It is here that users can go through all of their screenshots and find the links to the products they want to purchase. The best part? Emoticode also works on Instagram.
Snapchat promotors will get about 15% of every sale that completes successfully through the use of an Emoticode, which essentially turns it into a sort of affiliate marketing. It provides great opportunities and convenience for everyone. People can make money by promoting Emoticode stories, companies can get more product recognition and sales through both Snapchat and Instagram, and consumers have easy access to the things they want to buy.

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